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There is a risk that staff in our schools always attentive to the needs of the children and young people will find themselves playing “Catch-up” without any opportunity to reflect upon what has just happened during 2020. If the many important tasks ahead of us dominate too quickly they may well be at the cost of the wellbeing of the adults we work with.


David Wells known to some of you, has produced 4 short videos (Approx 10 mins each) for use in our Schools. He has tested these with RE advisers from across England and Wales. They are humble in intent and filmed in a casual style.  They may encourage staff especially your senior leaders to reflect upon the events of the last 6 months and help refocus. They come with a brief hand-out of questions for discussion. They might help in an SLT meeting or possibly with the first hour of an inset day. Please take a look and see what you think. Part 4 may be of particular help to teachers new this autumn.


They are free to use. Simply go to www.davidwellslive.com and click on VIDEOS. The handout there is free to download.


Many schools kindly invite David to speak at their CPD conferences and INSET days and for that they kindly remunerate. Instead, if you use these videos he asks that you consider making a discretionary payment to: www.dec.org.uk/  a network of the UK’s leading charities (Including CAFOD) which are providing support for Corona Virus victims in the Yemen, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan. It is discretionary – use the videos, make a donation if possible.


Please pass this email on to other schools and please let David know what you think at; contact@davidwellslive.com