30 day free trial of Pearson Primary Active learn: Pearson Primary Support 

Here is the link to the guide to get you started -  Pearson primary getting started guide and some great support videos for each resource: Pearson primary support videos 

There is some really comprehensive support including the following:

  • Maths: Power Maths, Maths Factor, School Jam (app to engage with parents and set daily/ weekly fun tasks to do together.)
  • English: Grammar/ Spelling bug (programme with allocatable spelling, punctuation and grammar activities across Year 1 to Year 6.) Power Writing
  • Reading: Bug Club Phonics (programme with allocatable eBooks and phonics games, across Reception to Year 2.) Bug Club (A reading programme with allocatable eBooks with embedded comprehension activities, across Reception to Year 6.) Rapid Reading (A dyslexia-friendly catch-up reading programme with allocatable eBooks, suitable for children in KS2 with a reading age of 5). Rapid Phonics (A proven catch-up phonics programme with allocatable eBooks, from Year 2 upwards.)
  • Science:  Science Bug A hands-on science programme, with hundreds of supported investigations with comprehensive resources; to support children and parents in exploring science: plus an Online Reward World for kids to show their learning.
  • Revision Guides that may be useful for Y5 as all revise key areas for SATs.

Please contact us should you need any further support in accessing this great resource facility.