Promoting excellence, led by Peter Rushton ( former Principal of Carmel College)  have developed some fantastic ethical Leadership resources which are currently being used in a number of our schools.  These new resources have been designed to enable Senior Leaders, Governors and Trustees to reflect on the current situation and to think strategically and prepare for the future.

They consist of 4 resource booklets, each with an additional toolkit:

  1. New Beginnings and Re-engagement + Great Governance
  2. Ethical leadership + Leading in Tough Times
  3. Wellbeing + Resilience
  4. Sustaining Success + Growing Your Own Talent

All the materials are based on research-based evidence and can be downloaded from the accompanying encrypted memory stick. This means they can be used on-line or as paper copies.

These resources, which include reference material, exercises, tasks, reflections, and case studies will allow schools to tailor and deliver their own in-house CPD and engage with all stakeholders.

They are a positive vehicle for collaborative and interactive training in conjunction with cluster schools and colleges.

During these unprecedented times when there is more emphasis on virtual and blended learning these resources should prove invaluable.


As a former Catholic Leader Peter has agreed to providing all 4 resource booklets, the additional toolkit and all the resources electronically on a memory stick for £250.00.  Please find below some case studies describing the way schools are planning to use the resources and a “new beginnings” supplement so you can get a flavour of the materials and content. 

Promoting Excellence - Ethical Leadership