Best practice network have extended their deadlines for application to these programmes due to the challenges you all faced over the Autumn term.  Information about the programmes and how to apply can be found below.


The new application deadlines are as follows:

The Leaders Apprenticeship with NPQML/SL routes are currently the only funded option for those applying for NPQs so we are keen to get the word out about this opportunity.


Course information and link to the application process can be found by following the link below

If you need any help, support or additional information please do not hesitate to get in touch.


NPQ Information

The programme is divided into self-directed learning and facilitated learning.   Please see diagram above. The course will run all the face to face elements in one year, but participants have a further 6 months to submit their final assessment. .

All NPQH participants are expected to do a 9 day placement in another school.  This will be organised with best practice network.
NPQH Project

The NPQH participant is expected to submit two final assessments.

  1. Leading a whole school change programme (4000 words)
  2. Designing an action plan to meet placement schools resourcing and capability needs (2500 words).  Project 1 (own school) will assess Strategy and Improvement, Teaching and curriculum excellence, Leading with Impact and Working in partnership.  Project 2 (placement school) – Managing resources and risk and Increasing capability.