Oxford Expert Speaker Programme James Clements

'In his role as a senior leader of an outstanding inner city primary school, James Clements helped develop effective reading provision and was consulted on the new National Curriculum for primary schools.

James Clements was also a local authority Lead Teacher, leading training, and supporting teaching and learning across numerous schools.

James is now an English adviser, supporting schools and local authorities to develop the teaching of reading, writing and drama. He is the creative director of Shakespeare and More, a not-for-profit organisation that promotes effective English teaching.

He is also the author of the Building an Outstanding Reading School Pathway, one of a number of Pathways at the heart of Oxford Owl, which provide a unique new four-step approach to effective school improvement.

An outspoken advocate of reading for pleasure, James has also authored the Building an Outstanding Reading School Report, which lays out six clear strategies for making reading for pleasure work in schools.'