The 34 English Hubs were selected for their expertise in teaching reading and to support schools in their surrounding area. Hubs will promote a love of reading and help schools provide excellent teaching in phonics and early language. They will focus on supporting the slowest progress children in Reception and Year 1 and ensure every child is successful, regardless of background, needs or abilities.


English Hubs offer support to local schools, academies and free schools to improve the teaching of phonics, early language and reading in Reception and Year 1.

Each English Hub has a Hub lead and five Literacy Specialists and may offer:

- Showcase events in teaching phonics, language and a love of reading

- Support to develop an action plan

- A reading audit in eligible schools

- Funding for training and resources

- Six days of support from a Literacy Specialist

Hub leads and Literacy Specialists receive training and ongoing support from the English Hubs Training Centre.

The English Hubs Council, including leading phonics experts and headteachers, provide a strategic overview of the English Hubs Programme and the work of the Training Centre.