11 December 2018

We have secured some IDSR training for our Primary schools.  John Atkinson has come highly recommended and will be delivering IDSR training here at Lace on 21st January – Possibly extended to a day 2 on 22nd January if the demand is there.  This training is limited to one place per school. 


Monday 21st January


Session 1: IDSR training for senior leaders.  9-12 (20 spaces)

Session 2: IDSR training for senior leaders.   1-4pm (20 spaces)

Session 3:  IDSR Training for Governors.   5-7pm (20 spaces)


The training will focus on supporting you, your senior leadership member or your governors to understand you own IDSR.  This training is free and I would urge you to contact me asap to confirm your place.



The course will include:

  • A page by page analysis of your school’s Inspection Data Summary Report 2018.
  • An explanation of how each chart and graph is based on information within ASP 2018.
  • A check on whether or not the report accurately reflects the data in ASP.
  • An analysis of whether or not the ‘areas to investigate’ identified on Page 1 are important for the school and to identify other potential areas of strength and weakness.
  • Advice on how school leaders can respond to the key findings within their Self-evaluation.


As a result of the training:

  • Heads, senior leaders and governors will be confident in discussing the data with external challengers, including inspectors.
  • Heads, senior leaders and governors will have thorough responses to any challenges around their data and be able to demonstrate the actions they have taken as reflected in their school improvement plan (SIP).