Would you describe your school or local community as being areas of high conflict? Do children need support with dealing with conflict, restorative actions and regulating their emotions?

We have been offered a fantastic opportunity for 6 schools across the Archdiocese to work closely with the Warrington peace centre on a programme covering all staff trauma awareness training, key stages 1 and 2 programmes for children, family and staff support and a bespoke year 6 programme for children in year 6 experiencing challenges at the moment.

The project is broken up into several different sessions. 

Firstly they will deliver a Trauma awareness training session for the staff. This workshop will be no longer than 2 hours.

The work shop will be followed by our Small Steps for Peace project


Small Steps will help young learners:

  • understand the causes of conflict, how it can be driven by diverse needs and wants and how it can be entrenched between in-groups of ‘us’ and out-groups of ‘them’
  • understand the impact of conflict, gaining awareness of how they and others feel in conflict situations and the consequences of violence
  • develop active listening skills
  • build emotional intelligence, recognising and regulating their own emotional responses, empathising with others, and growing their confidence and capacity to communicate
  • practice problem-solving in creative ways and in collaborative group settings.


The timing of this work shop will be 2hr 30 mins and is aimed at upper primary school. The school will receive a full pack which includes the curriculum and task cards.


The team will then deliver our Tiny steps for peace project:

TINY STEPS FOR PEACE is a project aimed at Key Stage 1 students, based around an interactive story-telling and activity mat.

Tiny steps for peace life-sized interactive board game including moving peace bods

Aimed at Key Stage One students (years 2 & 3) Tiny Steps for Peace enhances the socio-emotional, cognitive, and behavioural skills of the students, contributing significantly to a school’s national curriculum learning outcomes for SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural) education

This session will take a full day and half.


The only requirement they have is for the class teacher to be present throughout the delivery.


Once both projects are completed, you will provide a 6 weeks course (half a day a week) aimed at 12 students in year 6 that have or are struggling with behavioural/ emotional issues due to covid.


They will be also offering staff self – care sessions and family support.

For further information on this fantastic opportunity please contact Klare - k.rufo@rcaol.org.uk