Introduction to the ALPSIT SIP service

In order to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of educational institutions providing primary education and the efficient and effective application of resources for such purposes including by promoting and disseminating models of good practice and by the delivery of support services generally to such institutions, ALPSIT has established a SIP service.

ALPSIT are committed to ensuring all Archdiocesan schools have their own SIP.  This does not mean that it must be an ALPSIT SIP.  We are working closely with Local Authorities who provide a SIP service, so we can share this information.  In addition, we are happy for you to share this handbook and paper work with your self-appointed SIP.  In addition, we extend an offer to all external SIPS to attend our training if you feel this is necessary/appropriate.


Your Membership

As you are aware the provision of a SIP is covered by your annual ALPSIT membership fee.  This ensures you are allocated 3 face to face days of SIP support.  The SIP will be allocated an additional 2 days to research your school, plan their visits and write three reports per year (Autumn, Spring and Summer)

If you already have an LA SIP or employ your own SIP and do not require an ALPSIT SIP then you will receive a financial contribution/refund on receipt of your SIP report to allow you to pay for your own SIP.  ALPSIT are making this request to ensure all brokered peer to peer, system led support can be developed based on schools needs.  The sharing of all SIP reports facilitates the level of intelligence necessary to create opportunities that will benefit all schools not just those with an ALPSIT SIP



We have a range of very experienced SIPs and are regularly adding people to this team.   Our SIPs include consultants, recently retired headteachers and current serving headteachers. You can find an up to date list on our website