Solution Satellites

Solution satellites is a strategic hub and spoke model to channel the significant amount of experience and good practice from the 185 Primary schools who are members of ALPSIT. (Archdiocese of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust) to working collectively to address large scale issues individual schools are facing.

All work will be delivered by our schools for our schools, facilitated and quality assured by The Primary Trust Advisor to ensure consistency of approach and dissemination of all shared learning, so all schools benefit from the model.

Each spoke will be led by a different school or partner organisation that has already embarked on some work mirroring the solution satellite focus area and can demonstrate impact.  These schools will share their journey and support other schools to explore how their methods/models could help schools with challenges in the same area.

All project lead schools will be supported to coach and the model will be collaborative in nature.  The project lead schools will help other schools to find new ways to adapt and amend any approaches to best suit their school, practice and context.   All projects will differ in length and approach but will be aimed at developing a strong school to school support structure.

Models likely to be used to improve practice are:

Peer review/challenge

Collaborative action planning

Learning Threes

Team teaching

School learning visits.


Each Solution Satellite will have several projects taking place and all will be reporting back to the centre for dissemination of learning to all interested schools within ALPSIT.


We have agreed to start with two Solution Satellites and work will begin as soon as possible. Solution Satellite 1 is the initial focus.