What is Read to Write?

Read to Write is evidence-based teaching of writing through comprehensive units that have been carefully constructed so the entire statutory curriculum for English is covered from EYFS to Y6 (see sequencing and progression documents attached). They also enable schools to draw upon the wider curriculum. This in turn, helps build a rich curriculum where Intent and Implementation leads to Impact by empowering teachers to provide high-quality teaching of writing through high-quality literature. Read to Write uses carefully selected, engaging, vocabulary-rich texts, with a wealth of writing opportunities. They are being implemented with great success because they also provide:

➢ Clear sequential Episodes of Learning that move from the reading into the writing

➢Model Texts linked to writing outcomes
➢ Vocabulary learning and contextualised spelling, grammar and punctuation

➢ Wider reading for the wider curriculum
➢ A wealth of supporting resources

Read to Write also supports coherence and sequencing of schools’ writing curriculums (see attached sequencing and progression document).   This also honours the Inspection Framework which has been echoed in the three inspections that have taken place in the last month of our growing number of Read to Write Schools:

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For example, just this last week:

‘Leaders have structured the curriculum for writing well so that pupils use a widening range of vocabulary to add interest to their writing. The basics for writing are taught extremely well in early years. Children start to write in simple, descriptive sentences. As they move through the school, pupils have opportunities to revisit their learning. They develop into competent writers who carefully select the vocabulary they use to have a deliberate effect on the reader. Staff ensure that pupils’ writing is developed exceptionally well…’  Ofsted February 2020.

There are a growing number of schools using and enjoying the increased outcomes Read to Write affords in Cheshire, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Liverpool, Knowsley, Bolton, Manchester, Cardiff and international schools too.  We now have over a 100 schools that use Read to Write since our launch less than a year ago. The supporting documents for Read to Write are attached.

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