Our Mission

“Christ at the Centre, Children at the Heart, Of all that we do”

“Our mission is to empower our schools and colleges to educate pupils and students in accordance with the Catholic philosophy of education and to ensure the highest quality provision and care for all who learn and work in them”


Core values 

  • To operate for the good of all Archdiocesan Primary schools and children
  • To hold our Catholic ethos at the heart of all that we do 
  • To operate as a charitable, not for profit organisation 
  • To ensure all schools can benefit from the wider collaboration whatever allegiances / groups/ roles they already participate in.
  • To create an ethos of trust, challenge and support
  • To be outward looking and seek innovation that could improve our schools
  • To be committed to developing a research based, data focused, approach to that enables most effective use of our resources and expertise to inform future planning and areas of improvement
  • To be celebratory about the good practice and the systematic sharing of it. 


Core Aims

  • To facilitate collaborative practice within the Archdiocesan family of schools working in partnership to secure education improvement and innovation
  • To create equality of provision across all Archdiocesan schools – A network of excellent schools supporting each other
  • To create sustainable partnerships and working relationships with local authority areas creating a seamless package of support for schools who are in need. 
  • To work in a preventative manner with all schools to ensure we maintain our good and outstanding schools 
  • To map and strategically lead system led initiatives for improvement 
  • To develop and maintain strong strategic partnerships with Key National and international organisations that can support us in our improvement journey 
  • To attract, recruit and develop the very best teachers and leaders and continue to develop and celebrate talent within the Archdiocese.
  • To attract and engage new possible funding sources to build capacity in our system for school improvement
  • To act on behalf of schools as an economies of scale brokerage service