Klare Rufo

Primary Trust Advisor

I have worked in Education for 22 years. The last 12 of those years I have been in strategic leadership roles. I specialise in collaborative leadership, leading, facilitating and growing school system leadership models. My roles have included director of community arts college, strategic lead for 14-19 education and assistant director of education of local authorities. My role at the Archdiocese Of Liverpool Primary School Improvement Trust (ALPSIT) involves me leading in partnership with all 184 of our catholic primary schools to help them to learn, improve and grow together for the good of all our children. My go to place is positivity and optimism and I lead with enthusiasm and a smile. I think the headteachers value my creativity and out of the box thinking..... or so they let me believe!

Rhiain Jones

ALPSIT Coordinator

My background is in fashion, marketing, communications and PR. I made the move to education and this role when I decided I would like to work with Children or for Children rather. My skills lie in supporting leaders in realising their ideas and supporting them in bringing projects to actuality. As well as this role I own my own sustainable children's brand and work freelance for a Liverpool film company. Working for the Catholic schools has been quite incredible I have found the work and love that goes into running a Catholic school extremely humbling and inspirational. Working for Klare Rufo is constantly fun and fast paced. I admire her leadership and CONSTANT stream of ideas, despite just about keeping up!